Tiny Fine Line Tattoos

Dollhouse Beauty is a Cosmetic Tattoo Studio that offers a range of services which makes it a beautiful, clean and safe environment for your next tattoo. A lot of clients have been considering getting their first tattoo, but are intimidated by Traditional Tattoo Studios. Dollhouse is a beautiful calm & feminine space so you will instantly be put at ease.

Anita has been professionally trained and uses the highest quality of tools to ensure your comfort and safety. Her procedures honor the industry’s highest standards of cleanliness and sterile professional application.

Coming from a permanent makeup background, she knows how to create a space for clients that is inclusive, comfortable and personalised.

Fine line, tiny tattoos are growing in popularity and trending by the day. Using the smallest needle configurations possible allows for more detailed script and smaller tattoos with an elegant look.

As the world of tattooing changes, we are moving into the future of tattooing- Dainty tattoos. Traditional, old school tattoos tend to look bulky and blurred. While, Anita’s style, paying high attention to detail and precise line work, revolves around a solid understanding of feminine tattoos.

Tiny Tattoos, Big Meaning!

It is amazing how something so small can signify so much. The healing and self-expression that goes along with a tattoo is often the client’s favorite part. Tattoos offer a way to heal and create intention in someone’s life.

  • Sometimes the tattoo represents a trial that has been overcome
  • It can represent love
  • Sometimes the tattoo represents an affirmation, a constant reminder of strength or intention
  • A way to keep a memory close to them of someone or something they have lost
  • Sometimes it just makes them feel beautiful
  • It can reflect their sense of humor or personality

Whatever the reason may be, a tattoo signifies something to our clients.

Anita has plenty of ready made designs that you can choose from, or she can work with you to design something special and unique to you.

Pricing from $75-500.
Final price will depend on the size, location & the amount of detail in the tattoo.

So that we can provide you with an accurate quote, please include a reference image, approximate size & placement.
Images can also be sent to admin@dollhousebeauty.com.au or our social pages @ dollhousetownsville.

    Once we receive your message, Anita will be in touch to give you a quote and book an appointment for your new tattoo.