Can I get Permanent Makeup Whilst Pregnant?

Can I get Permanent Makeup whilst pregnant?  This is a question I am asked a lot, as you may well be looking at all of the possible ways to save time if you’re about to become a busy mum!

Permanent Makeup is a great time saver!  The most popular treatment for new mums is an eyebrow tattoo, with Lash Line Enhancement being a close second.  These treatments give you a fresh faced, wide awake look that will leave you feeling confident as you go about your busy, busy day! 

Whilst there is no known link to permanent makeup treatments having any negative effects during pregnancy, the answer to this question is ‘No’ I’m afraid. 

Pregnancy is a contraindication to all cosmetic treatments that I offer.  This is because the insurance companies will not insure anyone in this industry to treat someone that is pregnant. 

Insurance / contraindications aside, there are a few other reasons why it’s not a good idea to have treatments whilst you’re pregnant.  Your body is going through so many changes and your hormones will be fluctuating all the time.  Skin, hair, nails – all of these can be affected during pregnancy.   Then there’s the issue of causing trauma to your skin and the fact your body would then have to focus on healing, whilst it really needs to be focusing on supporting you through your pregnancy.   So all in all, it is much better for you to wait until you’ve had your gorgeous new bundle of joy!  

That said, you are very welcome to come and see me for a consultation whilst you’re pregnant. We can have a chat about the Permanent Makeup treatments you’re interested in. I can even show you a quick way to draw your brows on, to help you in the meantime

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