Areola Tattooing – Post Mastectomy

Areola Tattooing

Areola Tattooing is one of my favourite treatments to carry out. Here’s a little more information about the treatment and why I love it so much.

What is Areola Tattooing Treatment

Just wanted to thank Anita for bringing my smile back. Following breast reconstruction Anita recreated my areolas. I feel complete again, thank you. You are incredible xxx”

The above message from one of my townsville clients is the exact reason I do what I do! Areola tattooing post mastectomy and areola enhancement treatments have come a long way over the last few years. When I first trained a few years ago, I immediately knew I was going to love providing this treatment.

Areola tattooing has been one of the fastest developing medical tattooing treatments. There has been a huge advancement in the pigments used, together with ever-evolving artistry techniques.  Having been a keen artist at school, this treatment has allowed me to explore my creativity and provide an extremely realistic result for my clients.

What kind of Areola treatment is suitable?

If you have had a single mastectomy or a lumpectomy, then then aim of the treatment is to match the existing areola and nipple as closely as possible.  For some clients this involves tattooing a 3D nipple and for others it’s areola colouring only.  Whilst it is impossible to get an EXACT match with pigment, we will get as close as we possibly can!  If you look closely at your areola, there is a lot of detail and different colours in there……that’s where the artistry comes in, as I look to replicate the detail during the treatment.

If you have had a double mastectomy then we will work together to design areola and nipples that suit your skin tone, colouring, breast size and of course, your preferences!  Many ladies will bring photographs of their breast prior to surgery, so please feel free to bring any photographs you like to a consultation.

How long will the tattoo last?

It is permanent so nearly all clients will retain some colour in their skin long term.  However, you will require colour boosts to keep the colour fresh.  Typically this is every 2-4 years, but some clients will need to come back sooner and other will go much longer.  This is very much dependent on your skin type and your lifestyle.

How soon after surgery can I have a treatment?

This is a question that I am often asked. Post surgical timescales vary for treatment.  Typically this ranges from  3-6 months post surgery and is also dependent on whether you are having any further treatment.  It is really important to let your reconstruction heal and settle before tattooing the area. Your surgeon is the best person to advise you on when your reconstruction will be ‘settled’, so do ask for their advice. We want to make sure that your nipple and areola are in the correct place, which can only be done once the swelling has reduced and tissue (including implants) have had time to find their natural place.

It is also worth mentioning that scar tissue plays a part in when you can have an areola tattooing treatment.  Scar tissue is unpredictable when it comes to tattooing, as it can either grab pigment or reject it. It’s impossible to know how scar tissue will respond until it’s tattooed. I often carry out 2-3 micro needling scar treatments before tattooing, as this helps to break down the scar tissue and improve the quality of the skin. This is something we will go through at a consultation.

I have had the pleasure of treating many ladies at the end of their breast cancer journey and there have been many happy tears along the way (mine as well as my clients!).  This treatment is about so much more than an aesthetic end result for most ladies. I’ve had so many ladies tell me that it’s ‘the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle’ at the end of their treatment and that they feel like it’s a new beginning. With confidence restored and a feeling of completeness, it’s really a wonderful thing to share the end part of the journey with these brave and inspiring ladies.

Is this treatment only available to breast cancer patients?

No, absolutely not. This treatment can be adapted for clients that have had breast reductions/lifts, cosmetic enhancement to improve symmetry or colour and also those that have undergone gender transformations.

2 thoughts on “Areola Tattooing – Post Mastectomy

  1. Jocelyn Noy says:

    Hi, I had a Breast reconstruction in 2001 after having a mastectomy and last week I had my implant replaced and even though I wanted a Areola tattoo back in 2001I never bothered, but now I’ve changed my mind and want to have it done.

    1. anitanolan@bigpond.com says:

      Hi Jocelyn I’d love to do your Areola tattoo for you. Once you have healed from your surgery please reach out x

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